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Molly Female 9 Yrs

Our beautiful Molly came to us after her owner sadly passed away, she was rescued from a family that tormented her as a kitten and is looking for a nice and quiet home as an only cat. She did live with 2 older quiet cats before they sadly passed away but she didn’t interact with them much.
She is definitely a cat that knows her own mind, and will show affection on her own terms, often brushing your legs watching you and following you around.

She sadly isn’t very happy now she’s come into rescue and its breaking our hearts here to see her a little stressed out. This strong willed lady will be an asset to an owner looking for a cat that is happy to live her life on her schedule, yet still let you know that you are a very much valued member of her staff


Daisy female 2yrs

Daisy was adopted from us as a kitten she loved the outdoors and was a great loving companion to her owner but sadly her owners circumstances changed and Daisy wasn’t able to stay with her so she came back to the rescue about 5 months ago she took a while to settle with all the cats here but now is confident and happy and ready for a chance again she needs a loving owner of her own now and will make a great companion she’s happy on her own or with a few other like minded cats. This little darling is very confident and loves being around you but also loves playing outside in our catio.

Bungle Male 6yrs

Bungle recently came into rescue he was being fed by a volunteer we were hoping to neuter and release him but soon realised he had dental issues which have been resolved after a 5 tooth extraction.

He is a very loving gentle and Forgiving soul and he deserves some home comforts he is quiet and non reactive and loves getting attention. We are pretty sure he will be fine with other cats maybe no Alpha males that will pick on him.  He’s neutered and microchipped awaiting vaccines.


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Crumpet female 8 month

Crumpet came into rescue at a tender age of 7 months she was already pregnant sadly and she lost all her 3 babies It was a very sad time for her but she bounced back with our love and she is currently in a foster home. She is a very positive and sweet little girl and such a total demanding love bug, we all love her here shes very special  and when I say I want to keep a cat well that’s proof! But we want her to have a happy life now after a bad start lost on the streets and pregnant at such a tender age. Any family will be so lucky to have her in their life. We believe she will be fine with other non reactive cats who are open to sharing their humans. She is speed and microchipped, fleas & wormed awaiting vaccine.

Ramone Male 5yrs

This beautiful boy came in to rescue after a long time on the street. He was left by his owners and wasn’t neutered a kind lady fed him every day and managed to bring him to us when she noticed. He had an abscess on his cheek from fighting but he isn’t an aggressive boy and he’s non reactive with other cats. he’s very soft and gentle and very timid still a little scared of people after his lack of love and attention, he loves being stroked but he’s getting braver every day. he’s neutered and microchipped, fleas and wormed awaiting vaccine.


Rusty Male 5yrs

Rusty was badly neglected by his owners wasn’t allowed indoors and literally chased away by them. Lucky for him he was fed daily by another kind man who watched his decline and noticed he was unable to eat

With serious dental issues they took him to vets to hand over his care and that when where we met him and took on his care. He’s had 2 dentals now and he’s better but does have gingivitis but not needed interaction as yes we are hoping it will cure after the dentals he’s received.. He’s a very soft quiet lad that likes strokes and sitting on your knee he is with other cats at present but we think he’d prefer to be with either another likeminded cat or an only cat he’s not showing much interest in needing to be outdoors but that could change. He’s neutered, chipped and vaccinated.

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