Meet Penny Our Latest recruit and her New Babies

Meet Penny’s Kittens

Penny was a stray pregnant cat that we were asked to take into rescue. Penny literally was ready to drop and we had to act quickly so she was taken to the vets for a check up and quick scan to access her pregnancy. we then had to arrange a suitable foster space that was quiet and separate to other animals and people, we only have a few suitable fosters for mummy cats because expertise and experience is essential because not all births go smoothly and given the lack of history of a stray cat we learn to expect all sorts of complications.
luckily Penny gave birth soon after going into her foster home and all went well. The babies are 3 weeks old now and all very healthy and very cute. They will not be ready for adoption until they are 10-12 week old by this time they will be fleas, wormed, chipped and had first vaccines.

We are currently being inundated with requests to adopt kittens due to the COVID epidemic and people having lots of free time, we are a little dubious of people’s genuine ability to offer a long term commitment once they are back to normal working busy lives.

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  1. I thank Jesus and Mary for the wonderful work you do in helping and loving these beautiful animal’s.
    Those responsible for cruelty will very soon have to make an account of what they’ve done. Please watch the warning or illumination of conscience by Christine Watkins.


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