Ally Cats Rescue
Rehome & Adoption

We Rescue – Rehabilitate & Re-home Cats. Saving lives, controlling numbers of breeding, fighting poorly strays

If you would like to meet one of our resident cats please get in touch via our link and we will arrange a convenient appointment.

Our policy is we do not home cats to anyone living near to a main road, or a railway line. for the cat’s safety.

‘Ally cats’ take on very poorly cats needing special care and have welcomed cats with medical issues and serious injuries also timid cats needing time and patience.

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How Can You Help Ally Cats

We are a non profit organisation that relies on regular fundraising events and donations to carry on the work we do. We pay on average £1,000 a month in vet fees and £25 a day on cat food alone with added running costs. Every cat that comes into care cost us a minimum of £200 so if you can help us in any way please contact us.

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